Let me share some hot items which are getting popular recently through social media such as bamboo straw, bamboo notebook, bamboo bowl, bamboo things ... whatever AND ... Why not give a BIG VOTE for OUR NEWEST PRODUCT in town: Ecological Bamboo Toothbrush.

Bamboo Toothbrush – “A maiden landing” on Vietnam market – Willing to improve local lifestyle.

Just only 6 months ago, the bamboo toothbrush is still something new to Vietnamese consumers as most of them still prefer using imported products from developed countries (they trust overseas products more).

For any local product that enters Vietnam market, they cast doubt on it. They may not know the benefits of using bamboo toothbrush over plastic toothbrush and they do not know the difference between them. So, it causes a lot of questions that need to be resolved: What is the harmful effect of their current toothbrush? Why they have to pay at this price for a bamboo toothbrush? Many questions arise and this is the right time for House Of Chay to speak up …

Luckily, within a short period of time, customers are ready to place orders with us. They like the way we create the campaign and spread the meaningful message “Quit Plastic – Brush Bamboo”. This is a good sign since our customers support us.

By this fact, it means a lot to any company trying to upsell and approach to difficult customers, trying to educate them about how to protect the environment, care for their health.

However, this is not all about what we are aiming to or round up our mission of selling.

On the top of that, we are not just excitedly looking for unique, exclusive items that served for sales, we are strictly doing many types of research based on customer needs, listening to their point of view, answering all kind of questions, happy to read all concerns in order to know what they care about, what they worry, what makes them feel unhappy or stop buying products from us, etc …

And regarding this new version of bamboo toothbrush over the previous items were sold on our website a year ago, we are proud of its uses, its benefits, its efficiency, its stylish … Gradually, people no longer just come to us with much asking, hesitating, delaying …yet they are more active to direct orders on the website and they help us share with more and more audiences. They accept the prices and agree to make a commitment to their health, environment protection.


We must say that it's never too late to start a challenge if you surely know how hard to convince the community change their habit of using daily products at early stage launching. But in the meantime, you do also know as long as just 1 customer join, also can turn into multiple customers in the future if you never give up on the initial direction to go: do the right thing to society.

If not you, who else will take that chance, who else will be brave enough to lead this market?  Making bamboo toothbrush – Vietnamese product?

Have we already make the first move in being the 1st company producing a huge quantity of bamboo toothbrush to serve VN market? Yes, we did.

We keep doing little things day by day to change people mind in joining a life of minimalism. Yet we also have a dream – the dream of a day soon, Vietnamese can take a pride to the world, and say to the world that we made it, whatever wonderful, trendy, environmental items that human follows in abroad, we have all in Vietnam and we are using, enjoying Vietnamese product.

Who decides the price for our bamboo toothbrush?

It’s you, dear customers!

Let me tell you why?

  1. Why 100k but just for 3 months use?
  • You buy it because you start to understand how much harm the plastic causes to your healthy life.
  • You do know whether using a plastic toothbrush or bamboo toothbrush it still needs to end up after 3 months your health awareness (follow standard advice from the dentist).
  • Do you start to compare the price of our bamboo toothbrush from other individual sellers on social media? In the end, you realize you have not made any fair on the quality comparison of both sides.
  • You are happy to use and re-order it. How do we know? Because we do remember who made a pledge with us to build this conscious community (reported from our customer service).
  • You know clearly that you are supporting and encourage us to produce a product on our own. So, the work goes on …

 <to be continuing ...>

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