Rice bran Oil And HOC’s Commitment

Nowadays “eating clean” and “living clean” concepts have received increasing attention globally. The movement even thought only starts in Vietnam, it is getting a lot of support.

One of the stapled ingredients in everyday cooking is oil. So eating clean has to start there. There are so many options ranging from olive oil to canola oil to soya oil, how do we choose? Every oil seems to have its pros and cons: olive oil has a lower burning temperature so best to use for salad. How’s about cooking? Canola oil, soya oil do have higher burning points but imbalanced ratio of “good” and “bad” fat. Luckily, a new product is recently introduced.

Rice bran oil. What is it?

This oil is made from rice bran - the tiny 8% outer layer of a grain of rice, but accounts for multiple vital minerals and vitamins.

The fabulous benefits of rice bran oil for your health:

Prevent Cardiovascular disease

Rice bran oil is considered as a good source of nutrition, especially to prevent cardiovascular disease. Hence it is awarded the “heart-friendly oil” by the Japanese. It has been used for a long time in school canteens in the country. According to a report about the health of Dr. Devarajan Sankar in Japan, he said: “Rice bran oil helps you prevent the intestines to absorb the bad cholesterol from the food, motivate the blood circulation, protect your heart from serious matters. Besides, rice bran oil can decrease the risks of heart diseases through various ways.” Not only the international health experts but also Vietnamese nutrition specialists advise consumers to use rice bran oil as a method to avoid heart issues such as heart attack or stroke by consuming about 20-30 ml rice bran oil every day.


Rice bran oil contains a large amount of a precious nutrient “gamma-oryzanol”. This nutrient has a 4 times more positive effect comparing to vitamin E on fighting free radical.

A healthy source of fat

Based on a variety of research of rice bran oil, it is shown that the amount of saturated fatty acids covers about 30%, and the rate of monounsaturated fatty acids is 38 % while the figure of polyunsaturated fatty acids takes account for 31%. If you compare it to the other types of vegetable oils, rice bran oil has the fatty acid ratio closest to the recommendations of WHO (Worldwide Health Organization) and the American Heart Association.

The best solution for cooking oil

The rice bran oil has an excellent smooth texture, neutral flavor, and pleasant scent, help you cook delicious food. On top of that, thanks to its high smoking point - 240 degrees C, this precious rice bran oil will help you to retain the crisp texture, and minimize burned food. It is also less oily than normal cooking oil.

Understanding all of the above health benefits, HOC makes a commitment to only use rice bran oil to prepare food for our beloved customers. Even at 3 times more the cost and hardly and taste difference, HOC determines to say “NO” to other cooking oils. We truly believe our members deserve the best.

Live Clean, Feel Loved.


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