It is so obvious that the Zero Waste movement and Minimal lifestyle is gaining more and more momentum worldwide these days. 

Following suit, it is the popularity of environment-friendly products such as bamboo straw, bamboo notebook, bamboo bowl and various bamboo goods in Vietnam.

And right now, it is the perfect timing to introduce the 1st Vietnamese brand eco-friendly product: Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

The much-expected arrival of our bamboo toothbrush with the mission to bring Zero waste movement to Vietnam.

Only 6 months ago, “Bamboo toothbrush” was a very new, unique and intriguing product in the Vietnamese consumers’ mind. There are so many questions: What is it? Why bamboo? What is the difference/benefits compared to a normal plastic toothbrush?

Moreover, the consumers still prefer expensive overseas products with the common thought that these products would be higher-quality.

We took this challenge head-on, as we are determined to put Vietnam on the map for eco-friendly products. Fortunately, we started to receive enthusiastic support from our beloved consumers when we introduced this bamboo toothbrush.

This is only the start. We have dream that one day all Vietnamese will live a minimal, modern and healthy lifstyle and are conscious of protecting our environment. House of Chay can become a mutual home for everyone where Vietnamese can take pride in Vietnamese green products and recommend to friends all over the world.

We took this passion to our heart and become the first company to produce bamboo toothbrush under a Vietnamese brand

Starting the campaign “Quit Plastic – Brush Bamboo”, House of Chay listens closely to our customers feedbacks about their  journey of researching and purchasing eco-friendly products to diminish the threats to our environment. Riding on the success of previous bamboo products, we take a leap of faith with our bamboo toothbrushes.

We are indeed proud of its great benefits and its stylish design. A product that is developed with much love and attention, from the handle, to the bristle, the shape of the head, the individual paper bag and recycled paper box. Everything is scrutinized. It needs to live up to our highest standard for the 1st Vietnam brand eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush. That explains our seemingly higher price (when

compare to other not-the-same products). Lucky for us, as always, our amazing customers have been very understanding, they are willing to invest 108k in their dental health, as well as in the green lifestyle products of Vietnam. To take it even further, they are happily and proudly share this stylist toothbrush with all their loved ones.

And, we will feel great joy if you, our dear readers, are ready to join this community to make a change in your life and make a difference in others. Let’s give experience it yourself and become a conscious consumer today

Why should you use a bamboo toothbrush from House of Chay?

If you are still wondering about this bamboo toothbrush, let’s go through the amazing benefits:

  • Top quality: developed by dentists to maximise dental health benefits, complete anti-slip bamboo surface.
  • 100% natural: naturally grown bamboo without any hazardous chemicals; bamboo also offer natural anti-bacteria property.
  • #quitplastic: reduce the plastic dump into our ocean, one brush at a time.
  • Stylist: a must-have accessory for modern bathroom, or as a well-thought-out gift.
  • 1st Vietnamese brand green product.

Don’t hesitate to join our conscious consumer community as well as support our vision for a plastic free world by trying this bamboo toothbrush. We are so confident that HOC guarantees your satisfaction or 100 % refund.

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