How To Go Vegan In The Right Way

Going vegan is a long-term effort, which requires you to have basic nutrition knowledge. You know, there are many misunderstandings about a vegan diet. If unaddressed, these misunderstandings can hinder your transition.  In the previous post, we discussed the reasons why you should switch to vegan. In today’s post, HOC will share the basic must-knowns. Let’s get started.


  1. A balanced diet

Whether you follow a vegan diet or not, nutrition balancing is very important for your health. Provide your body with enough nutrition to perform at peak. The arguably biggest misconception about vegan is it does not provide adequate nutrition. On the contrary, a well-planned vegan diet is one of the healthiest and most balanced diets that you can follow.

  1. Vegetables - stars of the parties

You probably heard this since being a toddler: Eat your greens, they are good for you!. Vegetables have a huge positive impact on our health. They can provide you with rich sources of multi-vitamin and minerals to keep your bodies fit and prevent most (if not all) chronic diseases such as heart issues, cancer or various body inflammation. Incorporate greens into your meals as frequent as possible, it is never too much!

  1. Vary your sources of protein

Yes, it is true that your body needs “complete protein”. However, it doesn’t have to be in one meal. And you can achieve complete protein simply with varying your protein sources. There are so many choices: beans, peas, seeds, lentils, tofu and other soy products. Take your pick.

  1. Try new thing

It’s easier to be engaged if you to change your meals from time to time. You don’t need to change them daily. However don’t be shy about trying new ingredients or a new way to cook familiar ingredients (Do you know there are more than 20 ways to eat broccoli??). Recipes are readily available online, invest 5 mins sometimes to spy up your meals.

 Here are the top 4 tips for your smooth vegan transition. Investing in delicious and healthy meals always worth your time. However, if you are really too busy, don’t worry since the HOC can take care of you. We offer a subscription for daily prepared lunch and dinner, and our menu changes weekly. Visit our menu here.

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