House of Chay’s healthy meal subscription is your go-to meal plan. It is designed to enhance energy, improve digestion, optimize your body weight and provide necessary nutrients for glowing skin.

Why House of Chay?

Whole food plant-based food is proven one of the most optimised food for human physical, mental and spiritual health. House of Chay provides whole food plant based, freshly cooked, ready to eat and conveniently delivered meals to you daily. There is no more excuse to eat junk food, ever.

healthy meal subscription


At House of Chay, we use only premium ingredients. Our vegetables are grown organically in our farm in the picturesque Dalat highland, a true farm-to-table approach. We use non-GMO quality oil such as Japanese rice bran oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil. Always No MSG, non-GMO, no refined sugar, no preservative.

Following the principle “ Eat the rainbow”, our weekly meals are cooked fresh daily from 20-30 different vegetables, legumes, beans… to maximise nutrient value. No frozen or processed ingredients.

healthy meal subscription

Harvesting rainbow chard at House of Chay farm.

What are available healthy meal subscription programs with House of Chay?

1. Nutritionally Designed Weekly Meal Plan

This is our signature program, clean eating designed for results. A convenient set-and-forget system to ensure healthy eating Monday - Friday. All of our gourmet meals are prepared fresh daily, by our 5-star chefs from organically grown and premium ingredients, with love. Our Menu is updated weekly to provide the optimal nutrition for your body, mind and spirit from a wide range of ingredients.

Our meal delivery program includes lunch and dinner, delivered once a day. You can choose to have lunch and/or dinner. Each meal includes an appetizer and a main dish. Eating clean has never been this tasty and easy!

healthy meal subscription

2. Total Body Transformation Detox

The only vegan detox program in Saigon. House of Chay’s carefully designed, tried-and-true, yummy detox program with nutritious plant-based meals & cold-pressed juice. Naturally, the liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin, blood, and lymphatic systems work together to transform toxins to less harmful compounds and excrete them from the body. HOC’s 5 Day Vegan Detox is crafted to help facilitate this process, so your body can reap the best results. Say hello to a sexier, more balanced you!

healthy meal subscription

3. Healthy Beverage Plan

Choose from our range of healthy beverage: cold-pressed vegetable & fruit juice, nut milk, cold brew nut milk latte and kombucha tea. HOC healthy drinks, especially when coupled with our 5-star nutritious meals, provide the perfect boost of energy and nutrients to help you achieve a healthy weight and waistline.

Order our healthy meal subscription via or hotline 097 157 6984.

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